Imagination is not only to devise which has no existence, but to perceive what really exists. Imagination is not an art, but the method of learning. Beat-d-Euclid, as the name suggests is an event which encourages the students to outdo Euclid in geometry with their powers of imagination. This is an on-the-spot event which tests the perception and modelling abilities of participants. It is the 2D visualisation of a given 3D structure using AutoCAD software.

Problem Statement

Problem statement of the event will be RELEASED on the spot.


The event is open to all.
It is an Individual event.
Stipulated time for the event is 180 minutes.
Participants are not allowed to use any resources available over internet and are expected to be honest.


Total Prize : INR 10,000
First prize : INR 5,000
Second prize : INR 3,000
Third prize : INR 2,000