1. Cwiz is an online quiz event of Megalith IIT Kharagpur that challenges the nerds in the topics of Civil Engineering, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge
2. Top fifteen participants in the leaderboard at the end of the day shall get online shopping coupons.
3. Top 3 winners of the cumulative leaderboard of all the days shall get exciting goodies at Megalith IIT Kharagpur 2021 during Opening Ceremony.


1. There is no Negative marking.
2. Participants cannot view the entire 10 questions at a single time.
3. The answer once submitted, could not be changed.
4. Participants cannot leave any question unanswered. The next question appears only if the current question is answered.
5. Do not reload the page before submitting your response.
6. Time taken to answer a question is also taken into account while judging the responses.


Total Prize Money : INR 5,000
First prize : INR 2,500
Second prize : INR 1,500
Third prize : INR 1,000