Models encapsulate various engineering wonders and styles of architecture used in civil engineering over the ages. A model is a miniature representation of any structure, both natural and man-made, that depicts its form, style and pattern. Models revive our imagination. So, elicit the artist hidden inside you!


1. The event is open to all.
2. The team must consist of a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 5 members.
3. The model should be handmade with household and stationary tools.
4. Readymade and factory made model is not acceptable.
5. Each group should present the list of materials used for making the model in the report.
6. Each team has to make a video of their model along with voice over and shall upload a video on google drive. Mail the ​report ​and ​drive link ​of their video along with a photograph ​of a model with the team on ​ on or before 5th March 2021, 11:59 pm.
7. Total time of the video must ​not ​exceed ​7 minutes​.
8. All the teams are requested to provide ​name, contact details, Email IDs and ​name of the college ​of each member along with the attached submission file in the mail.
9. At any point of time, if any team found using unfair means in the competition, they will be directly disqualified.
10. The decision of judges shall be final and binding.


Total Prize Money : INR 20,000
First prize : INR 9,000
Second prize : INR 7,000
Third prize : INR 4,000
and consolation prizes!