Photography is an online competition, which encourages the participants to showcase their photographic skills that help them capture cherishable moments. Megalith through this competition tries to uplift the creative and imaginative skills of participants.

Problem Statement

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. Nature has many stories to tell and Megalith, IIT Kharagpur presents a unique photography event where participants are required to submit a photograph of the effect of nature and time on civil engineering structures. These photographs may consist of weathering, rusting, deformation by nature and time, or any other natural effect in course of time.

1. Send your photograph and write-up to, along with your full name, enrolled college name, mobile number and email ID.
2. Submissions should include a short write up(not more than 200 words) describing the impact of nature on the structure shown in the photograph with its cause and effects.
3. Deadline for Photography Submission is 28th February 2021 before 11:59 pm.


Eligibility :
1. The competition is open to all students enrolled in any Indian college.
2. Images which won prices in prior competitions will not be allowed.

Submission of Entries :
Entries should be in JPEG format and at least 1600 pixels wide for a horizontal image or 1600 pixels tall for a vertical image.
Each participant can submit one (1) entry only.

The followings will lead to Rejection :
1.Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the photos.
2. The organizer reserves the right to reject images with incomplete details required under the photo submission page. The required details to be labelled with photograph are file name, participant's name, phone no. & enrolled college name.

Judging and Results :
1.The panel of judges will evaluate the entries based on the artistic/visual appeal and the extent to which the photograph captures the essence of the theme.
2.The judging panel reserves the right not to award the prizes if the photographs submitted do not meet the requirements stated in this document.


Total Prize Money: INR 5,000
First Prize:INR 2,500
Second Prize: INR 1,500
Third prize : INR 1,000